Who is
Dr Rutendo Hwindingwi.

Dr Rutendo is an ‘African Realist’. This implies that as much as there is opportunity and challenges on the African continent there is need for one to have clear perspective as to what can be done and cant be done. Being an Africa Realist is grasping the  ‘heartbeat’ of the African continent and making sure it resonates into the rest of world. Having worked in over 20 African countries with a primary focus of driving business development Dr Rutendo in key notes gives a clear perspective as how you need to adapt your strategy to be successful on this versatile market. Drawing in from his experience in working from small businesses to large multinational corporates Dr Rutendo is able to highlight the fact that to understand the ‘fabric’ of doing business in Africa its more than just stats and what the media imply but it boils down to the people and the terrain.

As an Associate Director in one of Africa’s ‘big four’ auditing, accounting and consulting firms, and with a PhD in International Business Strategy with a focus on emerging markets, you wouldn’t necessarily expect Dr Rutendo Hwindingwi to deliver his keynotes to pedigreed business leadership at high-level conferences and conventions with red boxing gloves on. But the African business strategy mastermind also excels at knowing what it takes to capture an audience and tell a good story with an inspiring message. He has an insatiable desire to see exponential growth on the continent and navigates volatile business environments on a daily basis to achieve this.

Having led business development teams in Africa, Australia, the Middle East and Australasia in his previous role as a senior executive at Sage Africa, Dr Hwindingwi is perfectly poised to assist such organisations. His leadership lessons, drawn from his own experiences and spiced up with infectious humour, bring genuine gravitas not only to South African boardrooms and conference venues but to the rest of the African continent.