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Business in Africa – Rumble In the Jungle Reloaded

Drawing from one of the most famous boxing showdowns in world history in which George Foreman fought Muhammed Ali on Africa solid (Rumble in the Jungle).

Dr Rutendo Hwindingwi is able to glean some key nuggets from this fight and how you can apply it to your business development strategy for Africa. Not only does he use examples from this fight, but Dr Rutendo Hwindingwi creates a recipe of success of which the ingredients are also from his practical work experience in Africa and current business trends in Africa.

Rumble In the Jungle Reloaded will leave you entertained, but educated with practical handles on capitalising the opportunities available. Africa is Open for Business, but is your strategy ready for Africa?

AfInT-African Intelligence

In his developing, Keynote Dr Rutendo Hwindingwi brings to the table this exciting keynote – AfInT-African intelligence. He asks the question why is this one of the greatest assests not only on Africa’s continent but globally. As much as Africa is world renowned and exploited on its mineral and natural resources. However it is AfInT that is the intangible resource that cannot be owned by anyone, but can benefit all. He unpacks to the world the beauty and strength of AfInT and how the future will be determined on how well the people of this continent harness it. Whether you are a business man coming into Africa or a student in the rural areas of Africa studying, tapping into the AfInT will give you that competitive edge.

Dr Rutendo unpacks the definition of AfInT as that unique combination applying the challenges on the African landscape with innovative solutions through technology and resourceful thinking. Elements of which have always been evident of the people in Africa.

Dr Rutendo takes you through a thought provoking journey that highlights some nuggets for you and your organisation in understanding AfInT. Using examples that permeated from his personal experience as well current trends on the market Dr Rutendo’s findings permeate across Politics, Economic, Social, Technology, Legal an Environmental (PESTLE).